2023 20th Annual IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication, and Networking
11–14 September 2023 // Madrid, Spain



A Multi-domain Testbed for Collaborative Research on the IoT-Edge-Cloud Continuum (Best Poster Award)

Ivan Vidal, Luis Felix Gonzalez Blazquez, Francisco Valera, Borja Nogales, Raul Martin and Dulce Artalejo; Diego Lopez; Jose Manuel Manjón; Antonio Pastor


A Resource Provisioning Manager for Edge Devices

Youngwoo Jang; Gap-Joo Na; Illyoung Choi; Ingeol Chun; Dukyun Nam and Young-Kyoon Suh


Calculation of Required System Capacity for Private 5G Using Non-stationary Queuing Model

Yunbae Kim and Hyeyeon Kwon; Seung Keun Park


Channel State Information Based Ranging via EM-reVAMP algorithm

Fangqing Xiao, Zilu Zhao and Dirk Slock


Incentivizing Edge AI with Accuracy Preserving via Online Randomized Auctions

Mingtao Ji, Zhixin Zhang, Yuhan Zhang, Zhuzhong Qian, Tuo Cao, Chenwei Su and Baoliu Ye


Integration of radio environment map and smart phone measurements in real world deployment

Kyung-Won Kim; Kyung-yul Cheon; Hyeyeon Kwon; Seung Keun Park


Magnetic Induction-Based Test-Bed System for Magnetic Communication in Underground Mines

Jang-Yeol Kim and Hyun Joon Lee; JungHoon Oh; Kye-Seok Yoon; In-Kui Cho


Multiple Self-Supervised Tiny Neural Networks for mmWave Localization in Complex Indoor Areas

Anish Shastri and Paolo Casari


Receiving resonant phase-modulated signals using atomic magnetometer for magnetic communications

Hyun Joon Lee; JungHoon Oh; Jang-Yeol Kim and Kye-Seok Yoon; In-Kui Cho